weddingsYellowwood is an ideal country wedding venue.  We are situated on a farm 1km from the centre of Howick.  We also have a unique view of the Howick Falls, this is often the backdrop for wedding ceremonies held in the field.  Our venue the Fairfell Hall, is an old shed that has been converted.  We have kept the rustic theme, with wooden ceilings and cemented floors, the venue is slightly elevated with a fold back main door that allows free access to the verandah area,  the venue is very light and has a lovely view of lawns and indigenous gardens.

We do not have accommodation on site but are surrounded by lovely Bed and Breakfasts which are all within walking distance of Yellowwood.  This means that the bridal couple do not have the expense of booking out accommodation they might not be able to afford or need and offers your guests flexibility to choose the accommodation that best suits them and their budgets.