Light Meals

Something Light For The Not So Hungry

Fried Hake, chips and salad    
Homemade Pies (served with chips or salad)  
  Chicken and mushroom  
  Beef Curry  
Chicken burger and chips (Chicken fillet, cheese, avo and bacon)  
Beef Burger and chips 200g Homemade beef patty with bacon, cheese, pickles)  
Vegetarian Burger (vegan patty with rocket, tomato & chutney served with potato wedges)Veg Icon  
Burger sauces Blue cheese or creamy mushroom or green peppercorn.  
Savoury Croissant (filled with ham and cheese, grilled or not)  
Plate of chips Large  
Wraps and ciabatta (a base of lettuce and tomato with your choice of one of the following fillings)  
Tramazzinis (a base of mozzarella cheese with one of the following fillings)  
  Meditterranean VegetableVeg Icon  
  Roast beef and peppers with fried onion rings.  
  Ham, cheese and mushroom  
  Chicken mayo, avo and almonds (avo seasonal)  
  Chicken mayo, feta and sweet chilli  
  Chicken and pesto  
  Bacon, avo and feta (avo seasonal)  
  Roast lamb and mint jelly